Is poison now food?

Many leading EU countries do not want to grow GM crops. Finland did not opt-out. “When did we start to think that poison is food?”, Mari Salmela wonders in her column.


I think it was some 15 years ago on my way to California, USA, when I read about genetically modified foods for the first time. After reading the magazine article I was not too much concerned, I was sure that the Administrative Officials in every Country would do their jobs well, not allowing anything that is not tested properly and proven safe in to the market. How naive was I. And today, after doing some reading, I am terrified.

idutUS farmers started growing genetically modified corn and soy already in 1996. When they started, there were no studies to show how GMO’s will affect humans or animals when consumed as food. The manufacturers assured that it is perfectly safe and the Authorities obviously believed them. Now GM seeds have spread all over the world.

GMO has never been too hot of a news headline in Europe, or at least not in Finland. If you really want to read in depth news about GMO you have to visit some foreign websites, underground websites or scroll FB discussions. Just this October the European Union member countries had to make an important decision about GM cultivation and this was hardly mentioned in the news. Germany, France, Holland, Italy and 15 other countries want to ban growing GM crops. Unfortunately, Finland does not.

Note that an independent study from 2012 showed that GMO is not safe*. It can cause cancer, allergies, immunological problems, Crohn’s disease…. and many other things. Even WHO has now stated that GMO glyphosate is a probable carcinogen.IMG_8529

It is very worrying to me that Finland does not want to opt-out from growing GM crops. It is not a surprise though. This country is so weak in its green political decision making that it is appalling. With this GMO issue we should really learn from the US and recognize the problems it has already caused all over America.

Right now we should particularly take a sharp look to the future, and start preserving and valuing our nature, when it still is pure and clean. Who knows, clean food could soon be Finland’s most valued Export article.

Look around. There is lot’s of proof that Clean is the Word. Even on this very same tiny website. Just two months ago Riina Yrjölä (Doctor of Social Sciences)* from Hong Kong wrote a column here, telling how the Chinese want clean food as their own land is so very polluted. Furthermore, just three months ago Leena Valmu (PhD, Docent)* wrote about how unprocessed local food can help us with health problems.

Clean land, clean food and our health are so very precious things. Many countries understand this already, every country should.

But, to get a broader view on GMO, I watched a few documentary films about it. Or it was an American perspective since the films were American. But in general, people still don’t seem know what GMO is. And those who do know, are worried. And some people seem to wonder if biotechnology has now been used in a responsible manner as GMO’s changes the nature for good. Is this what we really want?

IMG_8333While watching the documentaries, I also came to think the true message in a post I had earlier seen on Facebook. It said something like: “What’s wrong with us! When did we start to think that poison is food?”

I also payed attention to the fact that farmers used to wear jeans and caps to work, now they seem to put on sterile overalls and oxygen masks on regular basis.

Moreover, I wondered, why do I feel that the talk about GMO, Glyphosate and such is so often taken as “hippie propaganda”?

Anyway, it is amazing how we can be told by someone that black is white. And it is even more amazing how easily we believe it.


Mari Salmela, Landowner




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